In a statement released by the European Cardiology Society on World Heart Day.

Maas, A. Red Alert for Women's Center: The urgent dependence on more analysis and knowledge on cardiovascular disease in women. European Center Journal. Advanced access published March 15, 2011.. Cardiovascular disease risk in women greater than you think In conjunction with International Women's Time, the European Cardiology Society reminds females that they may be at a larger risk for cardiovascular disease than they think.2 In fact, in a statement released by the European Cardiology Society on World Heart Day , it had been announced that CVD is the main reason behind death for ladies in each of the 27 EU countries.1 Commenting, Professor Nicolas Danchin, France, ESC spokesperson, stated: In these instances, the majority of the women were smokers.‘When I suffer from depression now, it’s much, much shorter in duration and nowhere near as deep since it was. I know how to fight it and what to do. ‘Individuals who don’t suffer from depression don’t understand. They believe it’s a matter of ‘sucking up’ and recovering from it, or searching on the bright side or keeping a stiff higher lip,’ he stated. UT Southwestern is one of two sites recruiting a lot more than 500 people for the research study funded by grants from the National Institute of Mental Health. Eligible participants should be age groups 18 to 70, have observed at least two episodes of MDD rather than be below psychiatric treatment currently.