A recurring theme in the survey is CVS Caremark's decision to stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco items at its more than 7,600 shops by October 1, 2014. This decision reflects the company's dedication to building healthier communities and aligning products with its purpose. In conjunction with stopping the sale of tobacco items, CVS Caremark will be investing in smoking cessation programs going forward also. Various other highlights in the report include an update on the organization's progress against its 15 % carbon intensity reduction goal by 2018, which it is on track to reach; a stronger focus on item evaluating and stewardship and removing certain ingredients; and engaging employees in more diversity applications, and also wellness and health initiatives.Two of those had been in Shanghai, two in Jiangsu province, and one in Zhejiang province, according to the websites of the provincial and town health authorities. Both Jiangsu and Zhejiang border Shanghai. Premier Li Keqiang informed Cabinet associates that efforts to avoid and contain the virus were proceeding within an orderly manner and would be extended into areas including standardization of treatment and international cooperation. ‘Overall, the outbreak is at a stage where it can be contained and prevented,’ Li was quoted as saying by state broadcaster CCTV. China announced the first known instances on March 31, sparking concern among experts worldwide because it was the first time any risk of strain of bird flu has been known to infect humans.